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Come out, have a beer with us and see how it's done!


Whether you're looking to taste a few or if you need to pick up a keg for the weekend festivities, we would be happy to see you! 

Private brewery tours are by appointment - Please contact us via email

Please check out our event page too. We often have events at the brewery open to the general public.

Check out the interactive map below to find a location near you to pick up some Two Okes beer!


On Heritage Day, a few years ago, over a braai and a home brewed beer from the cooler box, we hatched the idea for a Real Beer Brewery: A brewery where we would not compromise on quality or taste.  A man with a love for brewing, and a man with the love of beer came together and said “yes” to produce Real Beer. And so it was: Two Okes Brewery was born.