Two Okes Lekker Lager  as our newest beer is the lager of lagers, designed to satisfy the commercial and craft beer drinker alike. This fine golden lager has been filtered, making it crystal clear, and prolonging shelf life (no cold-room storage needed). It is a crisp, lightly hopped lager with a delicate hint of nuttiness. At a crisp 4% ABV we can not just have one.


Two Okes Irish Ale is an Irish Red Ale that was designed for One Okes First Lady. She complained that most beers are too bitter and too fizzy. Numerous tests brews later we cracked the nod and knew we have a Real Beer that will not only sit well with the Ladies but also connect with Beer drinkers that wants an easy drinking session beer. Caramel aftertaste, low carbonation and 4.5 % ABV it calls for another.


Two Okes Stout is a Dark Stout aimed at showing of how enjoyable Stout can be! This not a Dry Stout or a Milk Stout but somewhere in between, it comes with a good amount of coffee flavour with a little bit of chocolate at the end. This beer can be enjoyed on a hot or cold day, and is just great with breakfast. Good dark and round body with a good 6 % ABV.


Two Okes South African Pale Ale takes the best of locally produced Hops with locally grown Malted Barley to bring you English Pale Ale (a very hoppy – bitter beer) styled Real Beer that is meant to be enjoyed as much as the first time hoppy beer drinker or the Real Hophead that want to take a break from the mundane. The rolling hop additions should bring lots of Citrus, Fruity notes or some Pine and a 5% ABV.


Two Okes Hefeweizen brings the American Hefeweizen (wheat beer) to our South African shores for a light summer session drinking Real Beer that does not come with a lot of carbonation or bitterness and a low 4% ABV to keep you asking for more Real Beer.


Two Okes Pilsner is a German Pilsner with old world values. A Real Beer where we did not compromise on the modern Lager’s styles. This malty and hoppy laagered Real Beer will tease your taste buds with the right amount of carbonation while balancing the hoppy bitterness with malty flavours and 4.5 % ABV.


Two Okes Blonde is all about having an easy drinking, crisp and clear refreshing drink on a hot South African day. This Real Beer is made to be a slightly malty with hit of nuts, not to bitter and clear beer with a moderate carbonation level and a mild 4.5 % ABV it with the best sexy legs in town.