Welcome to Two Okes Brewery - where REAL BEER is made!

Unlike many of those well known beers, our carefully crafted Two Okes Beers produced wont make you rich, fast, or attractive. Your team/\'s not going to win the rugby because you drink it, and packs of beautiful women aren\'t going to swarm you as you pour it into your glass. (Well, not in our experience anyway.)

What we do promise you is that we brew our beer with care, attention to detail, and hard work. We invest everything we have in making the best beer we can. Our beers are for people who smile at the smell and taste of beer. Who love beer. Please enjoy ours, whether the rugby\'s on or not.

Our Real Beer Philosophy:

Don\'t put weird stuff in beer: make it out of actual, natural ingredients.

Make the beer with care, and the alcohol will treat you right.

Don\'t expect to be a victim - good beer doesn\'t punish.

Take your time, cowboy. This isn\'t a race.

Well, even if it is a race, everyone else is messed up  on commercial junk. Take your time, enjoy the view, be happy, and you will still get there first.


Thank you,

Lock, Stock & Barrel